The Neural Network

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The Neural Network was a weekly newsletter spotlighting some of the many members of the CU Boulder CS community. Each week I highlighted different professor, staff member, or student with the opportunity to get their advice about life, school, and the neighborhood. We learned about their hobbies, favorite research questions, quirks, and families.

The intention of the Neural Network was to create the opportunity to cultivate our community by recognizing and celebrating the humans that compose it. By learning about and nourishing our community we will be able to collaborate on innovative research, better prepared to support and encourage one another, and inspired to cultivate a sense of home. When life is most difficult, it’s invaluable to know you have a family within your department. Something as seemingly small as learning about the hobbies, fears, and hopes of those with whom we work and from whom we learn can make a world of difference.

I encourage you to read the following issues with curiosity. If you learn something about someone that sparks an interest, find them and start a conversation.





Do you have a suggestion for someone within our department you’d like to be spotlighted? Would you like to contribute an article about someone you respect? Is there someone you wish you knew more about? Please email me at I’m open to and excited about all suggestions and recommendations!