The Mathematics of Gossip

Doc 27-09-2017, 10-36 PM

Independent Research with J. Deters, J. Feuerborn. Published in the CODEE Journal: Linking Differential Equations to Social Justice and Environmental Concerns, 2019.

This work was recently profiled by Alison Gilchrist for the Science Buffs blog. Read it here: To Gossip is Human; To Math, Divine

-Presentation at the MAA Special Section on Humanistic Mathematics, Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 2018
-Poster Presentation at Nebraska Undergraduate Conference for Women in Mathematics, February 2017
-Presentation at SIAM Front Range Student Conference, March 2017

In this project we develop a numerical model to investigate the spread of rumors, lies, and gossip throughout a community using an adapted susceptible-infected-recovered (SIR) dynamical system. We explore parameter dependence of the model in forms of various ‘rumor spreaders’. We highlight how mathematics can be applied in creative ways to illuminate and explore new quantitative aspects of sociological systems.