My name is Izzy Aguiar!

I am currently a Knight-Hennessy Scholar and NSF Graduate Research Fellow pursuing my PhD in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University, where I’m fortunate to be advised by Johan Ugander. I received my MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder in August 2018 and my BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the Colorado School of Mines in May 2017.

After receiving my MS I was a visiting researcher in the Autonomous Systems Lab at Stanford University, a cake decorator at Safeway, and the proud founder and baker of Bell’s Bakery for the summer of 2019.

Learn more about me in Julie Hayes’ Neural Network Spotlight and check out my stories on Medium.

My research interests include computational social science, humanistic mathematics, dimension reduction, dynamical systems, uncertainty quantification, numerical linear algebra, and science communication.
I also love drawing, writing, reading, sewing, painting, hiking, cooking, and traveling!

I’m passionate about interdisciplinary research, the power of education, and the importance of effective communication.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at izabel.p.aguiar@gmail.com