Us. (name in progress)


Connecting our community by Identifying with the humanity in ICME

What is Us?

Us is an effort to connect the community of ICME through storytelling. Bi-weekly, I’ll sit down with members of the ICME community over a picnic of homemade PB&J sandwiches to sip juiceboxes and ask questions. By listening to the stories of the professors, staff, and students in ICME, we’ll give one another the opportunity to Identify with each other. Together we’ll learn about our collective and shared nuances that are harder to get to–favorite pastimes, alternative careers, best friends.

Together we will have the opportunity to learn about each other and cultivate a community while doing so. By learning about and nourishing our community we will be able to collaborate on innovative research, better prepared to support and encourage one another, and inspired to cultivate a sense of home. When we are able to see those around us as human beings–just like us–it’s easier to say “hi”.

When you read Us, encourage yourself to Identify with the stories you hear. Let yourself be inspired to spark a follow-up conversation. Dare yourself to say “hi” when you see that person around campus.

Have any Burning Questions?

Have you always wanted to know the order in which your professor puts on her socks and shoes? Do you often wonder what your advisor would do if given a three month vacation? If you have suggestions for interview questions please let me know!

Do you have an Interviewee recommendation?

Is there a member of the ICME community whose story you want to know? Email me at or fill out the google form at