The Rape Victims of Genghis Khan

Doc 27-09-2017, 10-31 PM

Advisor: Dr. Cecilia Diniz Behn

Aguiar, I., Deters, J., Feuerborn, J. (2017). The Rape Victms of Genghis Khan. manuscript submitted to SIAM Undergraduate Research Online July 2017.


This research demonstrates how mathematics can be combined with historical knowledge to provide quantifiable insights into history. We explore and highlight the potential of this concept by using mathematics to analyze the descendants of the notorious Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan has 16 million known, living, male descendants. Using three different biological models we trace this current population back through 34 generations to estimate how many initial women carried a child of Genghis Khan’s. We extend and analyze this number to estimate the total number of women Khan raped in his lifetime and reach a range of possible victims. This range provides a logos to the historical narrative and illuminates Khan’s destruction in a much more tangible way.