There will be a special issue for the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling called Women in Computational Chemistry. The first author should be female.

In case anybody was wondering, this is exactly what grad school looks like.

Remember when dealing with friends or family with mental illness, that your expectations and their progess will always be separate. Its easy to become frustrated when dealing with someone you’re so familiar with but its integral to their growth that you are patient & supportive

Phil Knight and John Hennessy welcomed the inaugural cohort of Knight-Hennessy Scholars to campus this weekend. The first year of the King Global Leadership Program is now officially underway! #KHScholars2018

"Is a salad made from tomatoes still a salad?" Tackle this philosophical question with @oritpeleg as you learn about how her broad scientific interests have made her a passionate and curious researcher.

Orit Peleg

Orit Peleg joined the Computer Science department and BioFrontiers in January and has since lit up the Engineering Center with her insightful research...


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