Phil Knight and John Hennessy welcomed the inaugural cohort of Knight-Hennessy Scholars to campus this weekend. The first year of the King Global Leadership Program is now officially underway! #KHScholars2018

"Is a salad made from tomatoes still a salad?" Tackle this philosophical question with @oritpeleg as you learn about how her broad scientific interests have made her a passionate and curious researcher.

Orit Peleg

Orit Peleg joined the Computer Science department and BioFrontiers in January and has since lit up the Engineering Center with her insightful research...


Super honored that @juliecarolyn sneak-attack interviewed me for this semester's first edition of the Neural Network. Thank you for your kind words. To add an improbable fact to the list: Julie and I gift each other miniature plastic animals.

Izzy Aguiar

This interview was sneak-attack conducted and written by the wonderful Julie Hayes. I met Julie when she was interested in contributing an interview ...


Check out these 🔥hats🔥 that @IzzyAguiar made for us. We wore them the whole time we recorded episode 9, and they really kept us on our A game. Thanks, Izzy!

Be sure to bask in our #HatEnergy when the episode drops next Wednesday.

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